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Neuroleadership is an emerging field of study connecting neuroscientific knowledge with the fields of leadership development, management training, change management, consulting and coaching.

The NeuroLeadership Institute helps individuals and organizations fulfill their potential through better understanding how the human brain functions, at the level of individuals, teams and whole systems.

NeuroLeadership News


Lack of Care About Sleep Derails Us All
Research is beginning to have us question where we put our attention as a society, questioning what we should care about. If we want to avoid any kind of derailing, perhaps it's time we all paid more attention to sleep.
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Why Organizations Fail
We have hired and promoted generations of managers with robust analytical skills and poor social skills, and we don't seem to think that matters.
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Performance management, forced ranking should be ditched
In an interview with The Australian Financial Review's Workspace editor Rachel Nickless, Dr. David Rock discusses ways better manage threat responses in performance management.
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A Boss’s Challenge: Have Everyone Join the ‘In’ Group
In an interview with New York Times columnist Adam Bryant, NeuroLeadership Institute CEO Dr David Rock says it is crucial for managers to make their employees feel that they’re on the same team.
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Photo: Librado Romero/The New York Times


How to heal our smartphone-addled, overworked brains
The biggest casualty of everyone being so connected is productivity. No one is getting much done at the office. A few ways you can maintain a healthy brain at work.
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Breakthrough Ideas

Leading after the
attack ads

by Shelley DuBois

Hack your brain to
achieve your goals

 by Elliot Berkman and David Rock

Three ways to think
deeply at work

by David Rock

Bridge the fiscal cliff
through brain science

by David Rock

Why radical transparency
Is good business

by Ryan Smith and Golnaz Tabibnia

Your brain on
organizational change

by Walter McFarland



About the Institute

The purpose of the NeuroLeadership Institute is to encourage, generate and share neuroscience research that transforms how people think, develop and perform. The Institute has structured the field into four domains.

  • Make decisions & solve problems
  • Regulate emotions
  • Collaborate with others
  • Facilitate change

The Institute has developed a range of research and educational resources based on these four domains, including:

  • NeuroLeadership Summit
    The annual Summit brings
    together some of the world's leading neuroscientists and leadership experts to share what they have discovered and explore new paradigms for developing leaders and organizations

  • Education
    Our faculty of neuroscientists lead academic and non-academic education programs that are delivered virtually to our global audience

  • Research
    Encouraging and generating research through the annual NeuroLeadership Journal, Awards & Scholarships, NLI Student Research, NeuroLeadership Labs & other research activities

  • Learning communities
    Institute Members, Local Interest Groups (LIGs), Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Alumni forums create avenues to connect, discuss and share insights about neuroscience and its application in leadership and organizational contexts

  • Resources
    Summit recordings, NeuroLeadership Journal papers, Information webinars and the Neuroleadership blog are designed to educate, inform and further the awareness of the field.

Privacy Policy

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Education Programs


2014 NeuroLeadership Summit: Organization as Ecosystem San Francisco, October 7-9
Starts: 07 Oct 2014

Hear what Sara Mathew (CEO, Dun & Bradstreet), Matthew Lieberman (Neuroscientist, UCLA) and Mitch Wasden (CEO, Ochsner Medical) had to say about the neuroscience of leadership at the 2011 NeuroLeadership Summit.