NeuroLeadership Education Programs

In a world that is socially interdependent and constantly changing, there is a growing need to elevate our collaboration and leadership capabilities. Understanding the true drivers and biology behind our social behavior is becoming ever more urgent for leaders of all backgrounds and proficiencies.

In the NeuroLeadership Institute’s Education Programs, you will gain a robust understanding of the brain and through this, the ability to leverage leadership interactions in entirely new and effective ways.

Our programs will strengthen your ability to:

  • Make decisions and solve problems
  • Regulate emotions
  • Collaborate with others
  • Facilitate change

Our mission is to empower leaders by transforming leadership through neuroscience. Whether you’re a leader, manager, change agent, coach, or consultant, our comprehensive Education Programs represent the next chapter in your developmental journey.

Our Programs:

Certificate in the Foundations of NeuroLeadership
Virtual: Six-month Program

This innovative program is perfect for individuals looking for a deeper dive into the research and theory of neuroleadership. The goal of this program is to help you learn how to apply the neuroscience research and frameworks to your leadership approach. You will learn the fundamentals of human brain function and explore the ways neuroscience is making us rethink leadership. You will come away with tools that empower you to lead more effectively and tackle today’s organizational challenges.  

Executive Certificate in Applied NeuroLeadership
Blended: 7-month, Non-degree Program

This unique program translates the "what and why" of the latest scientific research into the "how" of practical application.  Evidence based practice meets frontier knowledge in a premium, flexible, and customized University Executive Education curriculum.  Direct experience in face-to-face workshops and individual sessions provide the ideal integrated learning environment for sustainable and expansive mindset change. This Executive Certificate program makes it possible for leaders to translate complex scientific principles into practical leadership and organization strategies for success.  The Executive Certificate in Applied NeuroLeadership is the only program of its kind to combine the best of the NeuroLeadership Institute’s online education seminars with face-to-face workshops taught by leadership and change management faculty from Pepperdine University’s top rated Master of Science in Organization Development (MSOD) program.


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Alumni stories

A senior director at a $4bn technology company used the research to accelerate the integration of new employees, teach resiliency to leaders, and inspire innovation. Her initiative is expected to impact potentially 10,000 people. Common feedback she’s received: “Your class literally changed my life – I’m a better leader, spouse and parent. I’m able to focus and manage my stress, before, it managed me".

A VP of HR for an Information Technology Services Corporation found the scientific data and research to allow him to gain the credibility needed within his organization to introduce change within his companies training programs. The effects were almost immediate in the acceptance of the improved training and the increase in demand for the training products.

An HR leader in the Insurance business changed the method by which her region trained adjusters with regard to emotional regulation and dealing constant stress. The result was calmer staff and increased customer satisfaction.

A Management Consultant took what she learned as part of the NLI Education program and implemented it into her practice and saw immediate improvement in the level of engagement of her existing clients and an increase of referrals from that same audience, growing her business by 20-30% in a year.